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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

'Dark Horse' Quotations

I was very pleased to find this book, "Dark Horse - Achieving Success Through The Pursuit Of Fulfilment". It gives a substantial backing (and some interesting case studies) to what I simply asserted logically in The Common Purpose Manifesto, that the common purpose is (or should be) fulfilment. Here are some quotes from Dark Horse (a dark horse being someone who pursues fulfilment first [though that pursuit is really for all of us if we recognise it, with the proviso that we do it without harm]):

"...to build a great and thriving society, we must get the best out of everyone, no matter who you are or where you are starting from." p12

"...the best way to help every human being live up to their full potential is by understanding and empowering individuals." p12

"...engagement in fulfilling work maximises your ability to learn, grow, and perform." p19

"...become the best version of yourself." p20

"...the pursuit of fulfilment ... maximises your chances for living your very best life." p21

"Dark horses ... harness their individuality in the pursuit of fulfilment... To do this effectively requires a commitment to knowing yourself as thoroughly as possible. Only by understanding the details of your interests and desires can you recognise and embrace opportunities that suit your authentic self." p38

"...the first step of the journey is always the same: the decision to pursue fulfilment. When dark horses make that choice, they do not focus on the potential wealth to be had or how masterful they might one day become. Instead, they recognise that an opportunity exists that fits their individuality - and they seize it. From that point forward, they make their decision based upon who they are, rather than who others tell them they should be." p44

"...Carl Jung, argued for the preeminence of the universal desire for life. The psychiatrist Victor Frankl declared that the desire for meaning was universal to the human heart, while the psychologist Erik Erikson believed it was the desire for human growth." p56 [All of these are, actually, highly congruent.]

"...if you want to attain fulfilment, it's essential to know exactly what puts the wind in your sails..." p60

"The key to engineering passion does not lie in following the one motive that burns hottest inside you, but rather in deliberately leveraging as many different motives as possible. The more distinct motives you can identify and harness, the greater your engagement will be with your life." p76

"...fit: the match between your individuality and your circumstances." p86

"The true power of choice [of freedom] is the power to find and select opportunities that activate the greatest number of your own motives. The power of choice is the power to engineer your purpose - and thus the power to achieve fulfilment. If you are free to search for choices that fit your individuality, you might discover opportunities that nobody else would even notice." p87

"The more of your motives that will be activated by a particular opportunity, the greater the passion you will engineer by choosing it - and the lower the riskiness of your choice." p95

"As long as you know your motives - and have a realistic appraisal of the demands of an opportunity - then you will be a better judge than anyone else of the riskiness of a choice, because you will be a better judge of fit. When others tell you that your choice seems perilous, they are usually adopting the standard mindset and ignoring your individuality." p95

"The more you understand yourself, the greater your ability to judge fit and decrease the role of luck. By knowing yourself and having the confidence to act upon that knowledge, you take control of your destiny." p96

"The moment you stop trying to get better is the moment that fulfilment begins to wither on the vine. ... The moment you close yourself off to opportunities that will increase your sense of authenticity, ...[is the moment] you risk losing your sense of purpose." p105

"Each time you make a meaningful choice based on your assessment of the fit between your motives and an opportunity, you are forging your own purpose. You are dictating the meaning and direction of your life." p112

": when we want something, we feel it." p120

"...embrace relative time by making your own choices at your own pace, time does not matter because you are maximising your fulfilment every step of the way..." p153

"If you choose a strategy that fits your individuality, you'll quickly ascend..." p164

"...if you rely upon situational decision-making - if you pursue near-term goals while maintaining the flexibility of changing course if a better strategy or opportunity presents itself - you will always be climbing higher." p165

"Get better at the things you care about most." p166

"...everyone is capable of achieving excellence and fulfilment, and our institutions should help every individual develop his or her potential to its fullest." p179

"Society is obligated to provide you with the opportunity to pursue fulfilment, and you are accountable for your own fulfilment." p218

"...for the founders [of the USA], happiness was synonymous with ... fulfilment." "...a person achieved happiness when his condition fit his character, talents and abilities." p240

"Jefferson [Thomas Jefferson, author of the USA Declaration of Independence] could have promised equal fulfilment to all. But he did not. Instead, the equality he vouchsafed was the pursuit of fulfilment." p241

"...an individual's pursuit of fulfilment inevitably benefits her neighbours, while the act of increasing her neighbours' fulfilment elevates that individual's own experience of fulfilment." p243

Ben Wallace
Author The Common Purpose
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