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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I am writing this tribute to LIFE as an alternative to belief in gods or God (and religion), and the idea we should live for an afterlife rather than for now. I’ve felt no great driver to do this before, but recently, I felt the direct repercussions of more importance being placed on the hereafter than living for now, and most us have felt similar repercussions (via religious violence or persecution or exclusion) indirectly, or have been vessels of this belief themselves.

Before we begin, we should probably acknowledge, that all beliefs in gods and the hereafter likely started as explanations for the mysteries of LIFE, and so why not just acknowledge the power of LIFE directly? So to begin… (note, I capitalise LIFE generally, and keep life singularly/individually lower case, but sometimes it can be read both ways…)...

LIFE is great. We are formed by LIFE, sustained by LIFE, the very air we breathe comes from LIFE, the food we eat is LIFE, LIFE is in us, we are LIFE. So choose LIFE, this life, now, choose to live fully and in accordance with LIFE. LIFE is the power in all of us. LIFE is the truth. LIFE is the way. Serve LIFE, whatever LIFE has in store.

If you feel it (a desire, a feeling, a need, a want), then LIFE knows it. We are made by LIFE for life, and life is made by LIFE for us to live it. LIFE knows what we want. LIFE knows. And LIFE will provide.

LIFE is the truth, and the truth is all around us, through us and in us, visible and invisible, understood and misunderstood. LIFE loves us, LIFE invented love, and attraction and nurturing and everything else we do we do in life, we evolved in LIFE. We (and all life alive today) are the forefront of LIFE’s evolution so far, we are made for our environment, we are our environment. So love LIFE, learn about LIFE: learn to live, live to learn.

LIFE is understood through more than science, there are fields of knowledge that have not been imagined, so there is always more to learn, be open to new ideas and especially ideas that confound your own.

Creation isn’t just one event that happened one time as an act of God, creation is happening all the time right now and for as long as there is LIFE.

“Life should be an aim unto itself, a purpose unto itself.” Montaigne.

“Let life be its own answer.” Sarah Bakewell on Montaigne and ‘How to live’.

“Live it [your life] according to Nature.” Marcus Aurelius.

“I don't have any idea of who or what God is. But I do believe in some great spiritual power. I feel it particularly when I'm out in nature. It's just something that's bigger and stronger than what I am or what anybody is. I feel it. And it's enough for me." Jane Goodall.

That spiritual power is LIFE. We can all believe in LIFE. It is real. It is bigger and stronger than us, but we are all part of it. There is no other force stronger for us, for all living things, for we are all part of LIFE. So celebrate LIFE, guard LIFE, protect LIFE, be grateful for LIFE, be true to LIFE, live your life, the life that is now.

LIFE is also a cycle, through death and creation, endlessly evolving. We are all dying, everyday that we live. Only when we are dead are our bodies not dying. Dying is part of living. Dying is the recycling of LIFE into more LIFE, and even though we die, our cousins and other life live on. So LIFE is effectively immortal, even when individuals are not.

LIFE is our king, and we are all kings, kings of ourselves. You are the king of yourself. LIFE gave us our kingdoms, our lives, to live, and by living them we fulfil LIFE itself. We respect LIFE and the lives we have been given by being ourselves, not the same, not sheep, but individuals, fulfilling the variety that LIFE has created in us. To do that, so that we can all do that, we must also do that without harm to others. Safe communities are communities of individuals respecting the right of everyone to be their individual selves. So live now, a good fulfilling life, without harm to others, realising your unique self and finding your niche, your place in your community, your place in the universe.

The Green Man (image courtesy of Big Bridge Design and Green Man Brewery

Ben Wallace
Author The Common Purpose Manifesto
LinkedIn - http://nz.linkedin.com/in/benwallace13
Twitter - http://twitter.com/BenDWallace

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