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Monday, October 7, 2013

Framework for Fulfilment

It's been a long-time, but inspired by a workshop I attended today on the Living Standards Framework (given by the New Zealand Treasury), I created this framework, which I think more accurately and deliberately targets the greater goal (greater than just living standards) of all people to lead fulfilling lives, ones that increases their general well-being and life satisfaction.

I haven't given any specific, numerical measurement indicators for the five components of the framework - Legal, Economic, Organisational, Social, and Change. However, I think the sub-components of each of these point pretty clearly to what some obvious indicators may be.

I also haven't written here any further explanation of what the sub-components actually entail in terms of a fulfilment framework or system. However, I have already written on these fairly extensively on this website and on others (www.thecommonpurpose.com) and in print. I will also be developing this framework further.

Anyway, below is the draft framework for fulfilment, feel free to comment on this to me directly or on this site. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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Author The Common Purpose Manifesto
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