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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Fairness is the most critical element of pricing and successful markets (fair to producers and consumers). The price must be fair.

The fair price reflects what we can afford to produce at according to our expenses and also the limits of supply.

Finding the digital fair price:

Would we say, “You can all have my produce – take my potatoes, carrots, gherkins”, or, “Take all my paintings”, or, “Take all my garments”?

So why would we say that about our photos, stories, software, websites, films and theories online?

Because they are in digital format?

We still need to earn an income. It may cost us nothing to duplicate them and nothing to distribute them, but it still costs just as much to conceive them.

But what if we had a shared base income?

If we had a shared income then we could afford to contribute limitless resources, that is digital resources based on our ideas, for close to free if not free. Physically limited resources would still need to be charged for, and the earnings shared, but online resources might not need to be or, at most, only very minimally.

The shared base income also means we can afford at least the minimum amount of the physically limited resources we need.

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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