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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We need to resolve the dilemma of scarce or limited resources and we are coming close to doing so.

Many things mass produced today are so inexpensive as to be virtually free. But it is through our ideas, immaterial and limitless, that we design these products and make them desirable. Is there any reason why our ideas should not be free too?

Material things, including houses, are becoming mass produced in unlimited variety. The costs of variable, bespoke units are dropping to the costs of units in mass production. This occurs because machines and production lines are becoming flexible, controlled by computers in which our diverse design ideas are input. The cost of producing one unit in one run is as inexpensive as the cost of producing one unit in a run of a million.

The resources used are, like the digital resource replacing paper and plastic, in limitless supply. They are unlimited because we produce them ourselves using our limitless supply of ideas to convert limited resource into unlimited produce.

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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