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A conscious acknowledgement of our common purpose as fulfilment without harm so we may organise ourselves, our justice systems, our economies, our organisations, and our societies to enable our pursuit of it. The organising principle of fulfilment without harm must override the pursuit of money and/or power. Specifically: (more...)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ideas & Growth

The right way, of fulfilment without harm, leads to shared ideas and shared growth.

The unlimited productive potential of ideas gives them enormous monetary potential. When the pursuit of power and money overrides the pursuit of fulfilment then the development of ideas' monetary potential overrides the development of its unlimited productive potential. In this scenario, a few gain exclusive control of idea development and distribution in order to limit supply for their financial gain. These purposes are best realised within corporations of control and hierarchy, where our ideas are co-opted by the corporation in order for its owners to attain increasing financial returns.

Without intellectual exclusivity, with the voluntary sharing of ideas amongst all participants, there has to be cooperation and agreement for large tasks to be achieved. Organisations which do not co-opt the ideas of members have to be bottom up, democratic and participative.

The realisation of our potential (to a great degree encapsulated in the realisation and implementation of our ideas) is our common purpose. Realising our potential is realising ourselves. This is our fulfilment, this is our growth. Realising our potential, is making our contribution and growing. This is true productivity. Our current system, structured toward financial wealth for the few pursuing it most avidly, actually works to limit the productivity and fulfilment of all of us, because financial profit is made by limiting supply, artificially if necessary.

If we want our true potential to be realised then we need to alter the structure of our system to one where fulfilment is pursued. In this system our production is not artificially limited to produce profit for a few, but freed so that we all enjoy the fruits of our potential, both in consuming and producing.

Within this system we share our ideas and our products according to what we can afford. By sharing our incomes in a shared base income we enable all to share ideas and products. Some product will always be limited, and there will always be an income from this to share. But other products tend towards abundance. With sharing of income these products tend to become free, as we can more afford to provide them for free.

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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