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Friday, October 8, 2010


Panning for gold (and financial incentive with a shared base income): we pan for gold when gold prices are high, prices motivate it, but would we pan if there was a shared base income?

It would be less likely. Prices would have to be higher or the job more appealing. Menial and repetitive, spiritually unrewarding work is the type of work we need to automate and mechanise. If we continue to pan for gold when prices are low, it is because we enjoy the work and find fulfilment from it. Few of us (just lifestylers) would pan for gold if we did not earn from it.

Does sharing a base income between all producers (all of us) obscure market forces?

Yes, some. It obscures the market forces that lead us to take work which harms our fulfilment, realises none of our potential, and may physically damage us. The type of work that, should we have a choice (given us by a base income), we would not take no matter how much it paid.

What about the black market and tax avoidance?

There is a black market now. There is no reason to think the black market is going to be any more significant than the current one. In fact, there is reason to believe it will be less: a system with no base income makes it a practical necessity to avoid taxes on low income, funding removes this necessity and creates an obligation to give back.

What about de-selection - is the market force signal of little to no earnings required to deselect production that makes no revenue, that has too limited a market to earn a living?

Market forces are often wrong or late. Market forces do not directly reward research, thought, art, science, and many other forms of production not directly resulting in a popular, packaged product.

Will we join organisations as employees?

Funding individual production with a shared base income means we are more able to form organisations as equal members, rather than subservient employees. It means we have the security to demand the flexibility we need to live the way of life that best enables us to make our best contributions.

Will sharing a base income result in an entitlement culture?

All of us are entitled to share in our growth. This we all understand, when we understand we all share the same purpose of realising our potential, and that this potential can only be realised for all of us when none of us are disadvantaged.

Will a base income make us lazy?

No, it means we can produce. It means we are not locked into being employees. It means we can make choices. It means we are able to make our best contributions, that best suit our abilities.

What about those of us on unemployment benefit now?

For those us on a benefit the receipt is so little there is a powerful incentive to earn additional income without declaring it. A shared base income instead means we feel part of society and can contribute with trust and security.

Is there enough of a tax base to enact funding a base income?

The shared base income is a half share of all our earnings, which is an increase on the current personal tax base. The shared base income will not be high, but as the contribution it facilitates increases so our shared earnings and our shared incomes will increase.

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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