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A conscious acknowledgement of our common purpose as fulfilment without harm so we may organise ourselves, our justice systems, our economies, our organisations, and our societies to enable our pursuit of it. The organising principle of fulfilment without harm must override the pursuit of money and/or power. Specifically: (more...)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


"It is up to the judiciary to interpret and reinterpret the law based on today's world, not yesterday's. Justice is served more by a just judiciary than a written law."

"If there is any sacrosanct law it is the principle of no harm. Good law legislates for fulfilment without harm. It is based in the right way and our rights. The Declaration of Human Rights assists our fulfilment without harm by asserting specific rights."

"The legal system and associated laws, conventions, principles and declarations are a paramount record of our society, the way it has been, the way we want it to be, and the way it is. To know the law, particularly international law, is to know history and, to some extent, the practical bounds of the society we live in. Of course written law cannot capture every aspect of society, but it should be interpreted with an idea of the society we wish for, an idea grounded in fulfilment without harm."

"Common understanding of fulfilment without harm will manifest in a society that enables and abides by our purpose and principle. The precise form we cannot predict, but we will know it when our fulfilment without harm is both its basis and its outcome."

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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