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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Rework' - The Best Business Book Ever Written…?

Quite possibly.

Perhaps not the best for existing, large, command and control organisations, although they could learn a lot from it (but probably won't want to), but certainly the best for small organisations and anyone wanting to start one. I won't go into why, because there's just too much good material and not enough room here to do that (you'll have to buy the book).

But I will give some minor content suggestions (because there's so few they'll fit). The "Good Enough Is Fine" advice should over-ride "Build Half A Product, Not A Half-Assed Product", in other words, "good enough" and incremental improvement is enough to start with, don't hang back from starting just because you haven't trimmed your product down to perfect size: let it be a little "half-assed" and podgy, and get it out.

Second minor suggestion is in regard to "Don't Scar On The First Cut": yes, don't create a policy for something that's only occurred once, that's overkill; but, even before then, examine your own prejudices, is what has occurred really 'wrong'? To my mind, the example, 'someone wearing shorts', not only doesn't require a dress code, it isn't even wrong, so get over it.

The other thing is that the book doesn't solve the problem of making money from distributing your knowledge online, that's still a dilemma. These guys (the authors) have managed to sell software that helps them manage the business of selling software(! - which comes first?), but how many businesses are like theirs except NOT financially viable (providing at least a living income)? I suspect the majority.

Anyway, this is a great book, liberating, and a breath of fresh air in the business world. I don't know about other people, but it certainly speaks for what I'd want in my business and of the kind of business I'd want to be part of.

For a later version I'd like a bit on how they share the income in their organisation, not just the ideas. I hope their sharing of income is as enlightened as their other practices.


Also, for existing, large organisations, try John Seddon's 'Systems Thinking in the Public Sector' and 'Freedom From Command & Control'. These will help you liberate your command and control structures a bit and deal with human diversity (in demand for your services and the way you meet it):


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