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A conscious acknowledgement of our common purpose as fulfilment without harm so we may organise ourselves, our justice systems, our economies, our organisations, and our societies to enable our pursuit of it. The organising principle of fulfilment without harm must override the pursuit of money and/or power. Specifically: (more...)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Wrong Way

The wrong way is to harm in the pursuit of power and money.

Pursued power and money comes from exploitation and harm, from accumulating excess resources and expropriating the ideas and labour of others. This pursuit comes with great cost in wasted lives and damaged environments.

We who pursue the wrong way of power and money with harm are characteristically coercive, intolerant, demanding, restrictive, biased, bullying, controlling and manipulative, because these attributes facilitate the pursuit of power and money.

We who pursue power and money celebrate being hard and tough, firm and strong – attributes we equate with inflexibility and aggression. These attributes lead to conflict and win-lose scenarios, scenarios we seek to create. Understanding the world as one of only limited resources leads us who pursue power and money to see life as a game with only winners and losers.

The pursuit of money and power with harm leads to unfair markets, massive wealth disparities, and monopolistic, non-democratic organisations pursuing power and money, ignorant of our fulfilment and causing harm.

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