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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fear Drives Control – "What If?"

Fear drives control - "What if?"

1. What if our staff say nasty things about our corporation?

2. What if some of us are terrorists?

3. What if some of us are violent?

4. What if some of us won't contribute?

These "what ifs?" excuse controls on all of us.

These "what ifs?" give us up to accept control.

1. These "what ifs?" let corporations tell us we can't talk to the media.

2. These "what ifs?" let government agents torture suspects.

3. These "what ifs?" let us all own pistols for 'self defence'.

4. These "what ifs?" let the 1% own 90%.

But the reality is that by letting our fears drive us to accept more controls we further drive down our ability to trust and share, and we simply increase the extremism of those that are isolated, muted, tortured, armed and impoverished.

If we want real security we'll let people say whatever they want, whoever they work for, not torture, give up arms, and share income so we can all contribute as best we can according to who we are and where we see a need.

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