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A conscious acknowledgement of our common purpose as fulfilment without harm so we may organise ourselves, our justice systems, our economies, our organisations, and our societies to enable our pursuit of it. The organising principle of fulfilment without harm must override the pursuit of money and/or power. Specifically: (more...)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Purpose & Principle

Our purpose is fulfilment. Our principle, no harm.

Fulfilment is through realising our potential, whatever that potential is. We find our potential by trying things, and selecting, for our greatest efforts, those we are good at. However, this realisation of potential must accord with the principle of no harm.

From the common purpose and principle of no harm comes the right way of doing things and from this way, human rights. The right way of doing things complies with the principle, the wrong way does not.

Our culture is a mix of the right and wrong ways, but until the right way is predominant, with the principle heeded, realisation of potential will be poor and our fulfilment diminished.

Conversely, when the right way is the only way, and the principle always heeded, then our purpose is universal and our greatest fulfilment enabled.

To assess whether a situation is right or wrong return to the principle: fulfilment without harm to or from others. If a situation harms others it is wrong and we need to remedy it.

[Excerpt from The Common Purpose Manifesto]

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