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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Climate Energising

Take two empty bottles. Put the lid on one – that is our atmosphere. Add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the other and put the lid on – that is our atmosphere with more carbon dioxide.

Shine lamps of equal power on each bottle. Measure the heat of each bottle. The bottle with the CO2 will be warmer. That is the science. CO2 retains more heat in the atmosphere of a bottle and in the atmosphere of our planet.

More heat, means more energy. Heat is energy, but energy is not always expressed in heat. It is also expressed in activity.

The Earth’s atmosphere and surface are affected by Earth’s own gravitational forces and the gravitational forces of the Moon and Sun. The Sun’s heating of the Earth and its atmosphere varies as the Earth rotates and orbits the Sun. These forces and the surface of the Earth make for a much more complex system than the inside of a bottle. Extra energy retained in the atmosphere of the Earth is not just expressed in heat but in activity, in weather activity.

So more energy means overall more warmth, thus melting glaciers, melting polar regions and rising ocean levels. All well and truly in evidence. But it also means more energy abounding to fuel more powerful and more frequent weather events like hurricanes, blizzards, gales, snow storms, and so on. Also in evidence.

There is no limit on the power of nature. The more energy trapped in our atmosphere the greater and more powerful our weather will be.

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